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A Chimney Cleaning Pro is someone that we have trained or Investigated.



Jack Donald Fisher

Jack "We don't just clean chimneys, 
we make your fimaly safer."


Chimney Cleaning Pro

We all want a PRO on the job so highher a member.

About Us

Our goal is for you to enjoy your fireplace system and be warm and be safe.


We are always looking for new team members & companies to join our team.


We offer Products & Services like:



We design new products and equipment.    Like the Chimney Sweeping Kit.

Design new and old fireplace systems.

A new type of gas fireplace system.



Consulting in all phases of development.


We are a Chimney Sweeping company too and are looking for more Chimney Sweeping People and Companies.   Join our referral network system.


Visual inspections in person or virtual/remote inspections are also available.

We do vertural/remote inspections using you and your cell phone. This saves the customers time and money.


They are companies that meet our hi standards and we only refer chimney sweeping professionals.

City or State

     Chimney Cricket USA Phoenix AZ

     Chim Chim Cheroo Tollison AZ

     Chimney Cricket Tucson AZ

     Chimney Draft Doctor  Las Vegas NV

     Chimney Cricket Las Vegas NV

     South Lake Tahoe, NV

     Mount Charleston, NV

     Ace Hardware Pahrump NV 

We have designed a chimney sweeping kit for rent. Contact one of our authorized rental dealers.

Chimney Cleaning Kit

The Chimney Cleaning Kit is patent pending.
This system is so easy to use if you can clean your house or a car you can clean your chimney.
There are video instructions and written instructions.
You should receive a filter before you receive the kit.
The chimney sweeping kit should arrive after the filter.   A filter is required for the system to work.
A chimney sweeping professional will be by your side.   He will also do the virtual Inspection.
After you have cleaned your system and inspected it you will need to print out a PDF shipping lable.
A tracking device is installed in this equipment to protect our customers.
In case the equipment gets lost in the shipping process or theft from porch pirates.


*Authorized Rental Dealers

    Chimney Sweeping Kit

*Authorized Rental Dealers

       Chimney Sweeping Kit






Cleaning your chimney is as easy as washing your car so call one of the authorized dealers and make your family & home safer.
There is no difference between the too because you get a professional inspection.

The customer does the work an you can save $100s.

Chimney Cleaning Kit

$125.00 to $200.00

Chimney Sweeping Co. 

$175.00 to $250.00


Wayne Holsapple

Specialty Fireplaces
My name is Wayne Holsapple, "The Fireplace Specialist". I am the owner of  Specialty Fireplaces by Wayne Holsapple. I am a mason by trade, this is how I first became  interested in fireplace function and construction. Over time I added  many other facets of the fireplace business to my experience. Construction, manufacturing and design, of fireplaces, BBQ's, wood and gas and related equipment.  I  know of no one, who has the depth and breadth of experience and knowledge in fireplaces that I have gained over the  past 30+ years
I have been called "THE FIREPLACE GURU" (their words not mine), by several of the architectural firms I work with. I simply ask my architects and designers to dream and allow me to bring their vision to reality. Over the years, I have assisted with and created hundreds of unique projects.

Your Family Safety is all that matters to us

These is 1/2 creosote
If you want to be a authorized rental dealers for the chimney cleaning kit.

For Sale or Leasing

Here are some of our experts

Jack started his chimney sweeping career in 1982 and when to his first national chimney sweeping convention in 1984.


A Master Chimney Sweep is someone that has cleaned 10,000 or move woodburning systems.


Jack is one of the leading experts in the south west of the USA.

Is a

Master Chimney Sweep

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